Creating space for self care to surge.

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An integral part of any healing journey is the ability to create space for self-care. Whether that’s a weekly yoga practice, a good workout, a massage, or some combo of all of the above. The main focus for one day each week is to lean into your own self-care, whatever is most important to you and something you enjoy. The most effective way to do that is through gratitude, and that’s how we approach self-care here at YouFit Industries. We “get” to do things every day that both challenge us and serve to propel us into the life we want, are actively designing, and most certainly deserve.

I come from a place where it was so painful to exercise I had to find another option to stay mobile. These days I get to push myself further and further, but for a few years, I had to figure out other ways to get my minutes of motion each day. Taking the time to execute a specific resting strategy was and is my key to maintaining a successful “surge” schedule.

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