Invest, a case study.

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Case Study:

As I was writing today’s Invest tip. I was chatting back and forth with a client who decided to “cheat” on her very comfortable food life and fat loss program this weekend. This is part of the process and we planned for it weeks ago. We also plan naps and drinking strategies if needed..

She doesn’t break from her program very often, but once she started eating one or two meals a day regularly she missed eating the big Sunday breakfast her family enjoys as a tradition. We discussed it and she made a plan.

Here’s where the investment comes in:

Time investment:
She took the time to source & prepare the right foods (for her body) to eat before and after this experience. Knowing fully that it could be 3 days before she felt “normal” again.

Time & Rest investments:
She knew it was going to affect the next day, so she made additional time to rest guilt free the following day too, not decreasing her work performance or creating additional stress due to digestional discomfort.

Time & Rest
Instead of grabbing whatever she wanted in a moment of uncontrolled weakness, it was a controlled “test” with the space needed for the inevitable “crash & burn”.

She made sure, if she was going to feel this way, it would be worth it and the time spent with family was worth the investment. Also, the lesson, which was a resounding “Not worth it”.

That’s a lot of time thought and energy invested into a single meal, but that’s exactly what it takes sometimes to live within your condition. She wanted the meal and the family experience, so she planned enough space around this single event to get the experience and get back to her program ASAP. She also realized how much work she is really doing everyday to stay healthy.

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