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The Thrive Theory

Why Thrive?

Living with a health condition is complicated. You’ve worked far too hard, for far too long to simply survive. It’s time to thrive! 

After a 20 year battle with multiple chronic conditions, I decided I wasn’t putting all this time, money, and energy into my wellness to merely survive for the rest of my life, I needed to thrive.

So in 2018, I took everything I had learned about how to survive my illnesses and put it into a 6 step process I could follow to help me climb out of survival mode and begin to thrive. With the intention of something, I could sustain for the rest of my life. I call it Thrive Theory. 

  • Time – Create more free time in your life.
  • Heart – Do more of what you love.
  • Rest – Give yourself permission to rest, guilt-free.
  • Invest – Invest in yourself, you’re worth it!
  • Vision – Create an inspiring vision for yourself rooted in wellness.
  • Expression – Communicate your needs and wants effectively.

Our Services

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Create more time in your day to do the things you love


Eat good food that's good to you


Master what's working & let go of what's not



A fully individualized program designed to work with you.


Regular Coach

Stay connected with Ray every step of the way. 


Qualified Coach

NASM certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist and more.


Chronic Illness

A coach with their own chronic illness experience – so we get it!


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Manageable Goals

Set achievable goals that fit your lifestyle and current conditions.

What they say about Ray

I don’t have a chronic illness, but I work with Ray because he makes things so easy. After my first visit I was hooked, I had never had such thorough body work done that both stuck and resulted in immediate and long-lasting relief fast. It’s been a great experience and I feel like everything is already taken care of. It’s almost too easy with all his latest tech and his level of empathy. Read More

– Brandi

Ray is not judgmental, a great listener, and always seems to know exactly what it is I’m experiencing in a way only someone that has gone through it would understand. It’s a simple choice for me, it’s easier to stay at optimal health when I have the right kind of support and experience I can count on. With my constantly changing body and needs, I can’t keep up most the time. I’m glad there is someone in my corner that can.
Read More

– Charlotte

Non-judgemental, listen and understand so no fear in sharing personal experience. Learned to identify dismissed pain like daily headaches and deal with and overcome them. Learned how to rest without guilt, and how certain foods and fats were contributing to the headaches. Read More

– Dannette

I love the small changes that are turning into habits, good healthy habits. I definitely feel better on the inside! I’m loving new things and getting outside my comfort zone. Grateful for the new healthy, positive habits I’m forming!! Grateful that I have learned so much! #winning Read More

– Heather Hall

I thought I would be a hard case but you proved that to be wrong you were able to help me with my struggles and for that I’m grateful. I am more confident and working on putting myself first. The weight is coming off very nicely, food prep is easier than ever with healthier food options that make me feel good. Read More

– Jessica Johnson

I’ve worked with Ray for the past 4 months and my life is completely different. There are no longer unexplained hives, or headaches that go on for days for no reason, or that consistent feeling of generally not feeling well. It was an incredible experience to take my kids to Great Wolf Lodge and spend the whole time actually playing and laughing WITH my children. To hear “this was the best trip ever Mom” was icing on the cake to an incredible weekend. The better part is this is how we live life now, I get to be a mom who feels better every day and I get to play and interact with my kids without repercussions to my health. Read More

– Michelle Kane

Ray is amazing, he realized from the start that the body needed to heal “Mind, Body, and Spirit”. Add to that he realized that everyone is different as to how they heal and their underlying conditions. He took hold of his knowledge in Diet and Fitness along with his amazing intuition not only to help heal himself but now to help others. Read More

– Dr. Deb

He loves & guides through the initial noise until the principles are internalized. I have danced more, lived more & cried more cleansing tears in the last seven days than in the last five years. I highly recommend Ray to anyone who can’t get well and feels like they’ve tried it all. Heck, even normal people should work with him lol. It’s not a forever thing, it’s devoting a little time to finding our highest, best selves. Out of hundreds of practitioners I’ve seen, no one has come close. Read More

– Trish Powers

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Create more time in your day to do the things you love


Eat good food that's good to you


Master what's working & let go of what's not

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