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Thrive Theory

What is thrive theory?

Thrive Theory is a 6 step system that you customize, creating space to heal.

Thrive Theory is the belief that if we create more time in our day to do the things we love, give ourselves permission to rest, invest in ourselves, maintain a vision for our future, and express ourselves.

We will be able to create enough space to live in a sustainable state of wellness. Regardless of the illnesses, we are suffering from.

How did you come up with Thrive Theory?

I’ve lived with some sort of invisible chronic condition most of my adult life and for the last 12 years, I’ve coached people living with many different illnesses. I took data from all my years coaching and living with illness and found a common denominator. Most of us are terrible at creating real space to heal.

Does it work on anyone?

No, there are two fairly regular instances where Thrive Theory doesn’t work.

1. If you’re not ready to shed your “all or nothing” lifestyle habits this will not work as well.

Thrive Theory is focused on long term sustainable habits and lifestyle choices that serve to increase overall energy and wellness all the time. If we’re constantly on a push till we fail cycle, that will never be accomplished.

2. If you take no action at all. Thrive Theory is about doing less, but there are regular tasks to be done. If you’re not ready to take some action just yet, I totally understand.

The last thing I want you to do is go into a program your not quite ready for and will only serve to overwhelm you.

Why does it work?

Thrive Theory works because of its customization to your current conditions and its not more to do. Everything we do is wrapped around what you can do rather than what more you can do. When you’re living with illness, there’s a finite amount of energy to be used. Sometimes we have more and sometimes we have less. Thrive Theory will teach you how to get the most out of the energy you have and work to not push ourselves to the point of exhaustion before stopping. Whereby reducing recovery times so you can get more done with less energy. Always leaving something in reserve for emergencies.

Where can I do it?

Thrive Theory can be done anywhere in the world. The core of  Thrive Theory is online. While there is a hands-on massage and bodywork component for anyone local, its not necessary. In fact, I teach you in the self-massage component how to do most of the bodywork using basic tools and props you probably already have lying around the house.

Are you affiliated with those other thrive programs I see?

No, I have no affiliations with any drink, cleanse, or supplement. Thrive Theory is something of my own design, created from my healing experience and 12 years looking at the fitness and wellness industries from the perspective of someone living with an invisible illness and years of education and application in the subject of chronic illness.

What is online training?

By becoming certified in online coaching, it means that I’ve learned the systems required in both business and coaching structures to provide an exceptional service online. These systems have been specifically designed to make coaching people online simple and effective.

When I was a trainer in the gym I would see clients 2-3 times a week for an hour at a time, we’d have a chat about food, have a look at their journal and get a good workout in. That works great in a gym setting, but online coaching has changed that. Now we can track food, exercise, habits, & deliver much-needed information instantly. Using your own custom dashboard and app, we can change things that aren’t working and lean into the things that are. Instantly delivering videos, documents, and other information critical to your success right to your phone.

We’re able to create relationships with our clients that are supportive, positive, and goal-oriented, assisting our clients in recognizing challenges that are preventing success and strengths that can be built upon to achieve that success.

It’s brainstorming, working closely with your coach (because I’m in your pocket), and developing ideas and ways of behaving, together. This happens on your time rather than a set appointment at a certain place for a certain amount of time. This way you learn how to get the results you want in real life, on your terms, for less money, and maintain them forever.

You still get all thetechnical explanations, demonstrations of exercises, and tasks customized to your goals, but you will then be able to review anything you have learned in the past, instantly from your phone, through your own custom dashboard.

Anyone can host a zoom session, send some emails, and call themselves an online coach. Putting the time into a quality certification to deliver an exceptional product and service online takes proper education and experience. That’s why I was certified in online coaching in 2017.

How Thrive Theory works

What does the T.H.R.I.V.E. acronym stand for?

T.H.R.I.V.E is an acronym for Time, Heart, Rest, Invest, Vision, Expression. It’s a roadmap we can follow to keep accountable on what your actually achieving, instead of constantly focusing on what we’re not getting done, we can keep a keen eye on all the positive things that are happening in our lives.

For instance, I use it as a check-in a few times a day.

  • Did I make time to do something I love?
  • Did I give myself permission to rest?
  • Did I Invest in myself?
  • Did I Maintain a positive vision for the future?
  • Did I express myself in the best way possible so I am teaching others how to treat me?

By checking off one or more of those boxes, I can celebrate that win for what it is and know I did my best that day. I don’t have to fill all the boxes every day, but when I do, it feels really good.

What are your thoughts on Intermittent Fasting?

I’m a huge proponent of intermittent fasting, but I also find people have a tendency to jump in too quickly resulting in a less than great experience.

We use a ramp suited to your needs that gently eases you into whatever schedule you are comfortable with. Hangry should never be a regular part of any lifestyle.

I have found giving our digestive system and all the systems that work with it time to rest between meals is a game-changer.

In Thrive Theory, It’s the quickest way to create more time in your day instantly. give your body the time it needs to fully digest meals better, and possibly find some of the triggers inhibiting weight loss.

Who is Thrive Theory for?

Thrive Theory is for people living with difficult chronic conditions who want to learn how to thrive in the midst of invisible illness.

What makes Thrive Theory different?

Thrive Theory is different because we focus on less, not more. It may sound counterproductive to do less when it feels we have so much to catch up on already. Thats where Thrive Theory comes in. You’ll learn to create space where you once thought there wasn’t any, and in doing so you’ll see energy levels increase, focus come back, and goals start to be achieved.

Imagine what you could do with 3 more hours in the week to take care of yourself?And a customized plan designed by you, for the person you are right now?


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