We can’t heal to the greatest version of wellness with the same beliefs and values we have in the midst of illness. 


I don’t believe there’s a specific meal plan for everyone. I do believe you can create your own perfect meal plan based on the foods you already love. 


Making an effort to move in ways that bring you joy is at the heart of Thrive Theory. You won’t find punishing workouts here, but you will find effective ones that serve to improve your mobility and increase activity in painless ways.  


Massage and bodywork are an important part of the overall healing process. You will learn important and simple self-care techniques that have a lasting impact on your body and mind through massage and bodywork.

What Is Thrive Theory?

Thrive Theory is a 6 step system that you customize, creating space to heal.

Thrive Theory is the belief that if we create more time in our day to do the things we love, give ourselves permission to rest, invest in ourselves, maintain a vision for our future, and express ourselves.

We will then be able to create enough space to live in a sustainable state of wellness. Regardless of the conditions we are suffering from.


Who Is Thrive Theory For?

Thrive Theory is for anyone living in survival mode with difficult chronic conditions that wants more from life. More happiness, more activity, more control, and more out of this life you’ve been blessed with. 


Thrive in the midst of illness

What is The Process Like?

The first thing I want you to know is, Thrive Theory needs to be the right fit for you. Which is why its so important for me to get to know you.

After you fill out the form below we will get on a 20-minute call to answer additional questions.

From the call, you will have a roughly laid out plan you can take with you and enough knowledge to know if Thrive Theory is a good fit for you. 

The last thing I want is for you is to embark on another journey that doesn’t serve you or your needs and wants properly.


1. Time

Create more time in your day

2. Heart

Do more of the things you love

3. Rest

Give yourself permission to rest guilt free

4. Invest

Invest in yourself. How much time, money, and energy is it going to take to reach your goals.

5. Vision

Create a positive vision for your future

6. Expression

Express your needs and wants to others and teach them how you want to be treated.

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